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What is it?


At The River, we want everyone that calls themselves a member to feel empowered and equipped to lead others to Christ, using the Bible as their roadmap. The River is offering our School of Discipleship. We offer four classes starting August 7th, 2023:

● Module 1: Foundations

● Module 2: Background

● Module 3: Growth

● Module 4: Deeper


Foundations is for anyone who meets the criteria listed below under "WHO." Since the nature of the courses are to build upon one another, Module 2 is exclusively for those who have qualified and completed the criterion from Module 1. Module 3 is exclusively for those who have qualified and completed the criterion from Module 2. Module 4 is exclusively for those who have qualified and completed the criterion from Module 3.


We’re so excited that you are interested in being a part of The River School of Discipleship!


About the school of discipleship

  • The River offers an opportunity to participate in teaching and training that will help each individual grow to maturity and become a true worshiper and disciple of Jesus. The church is here to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. Submitting to the discipleship process will produce the unity of the faith God intended for His family. The scripture is full of teaching that shows us our responsibility to be equipped, be a good steward, and know God’s Word, ways, and voice. Because of what He’s done in our lives, we pursue becoming all His word declares: thoroughly furnished and full of the knowledge of the truth, living a life of holiness, and preparing in this life to hear ‘well done’ in the next.

  • We use the words "school" because that best describes the type of environment this is. Each class is a 6-week course. Our goal is to turn 'church attenders' into DISCIPLE MAKERS! "Follow me as I follow Christ!" This experience, and the material included will assist every believer in teaching and leading others on their journey with Jesus.

  • 2023 Fall Semester:

    ● Module 1: Foundations

    We will offer the rest of the courses in Spring 2024!

    Semester Schedule

    Mondays at 6:30pm – 8:30pm

    ● August 7th – Class 1

    ● August 14th – Class 2

    ● August 21st – Class 3

    ● August 28th – Class 4

    ● September 4th – Enjoy Labor Day

    ● September 11th – Class 5

    ● September 18th – Review Night (Optional)

    ● September 25th– Final Exam

  • ● Must be out of high school

    ● Must be a faithful River Church service attender

    ● Must be a 2020-2023 Next Step graduate (regardless of how long you have been a member of The River)

    ● Must be born again by obeying Acts 2:38

      Repent - turn from your sin

      Be Baptized- fully immersed in water in Jesus’ name

    ● Filled with the Holy Ghost - initial evidence by speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance


Where do i fit?

  • This informative class gives you a deeper understanding of the Gospel of Jesus and your Biblical response. There are no scholastic requirements to attend this class. These classes run on the same schedule as School of Discipleship (Mondays at 6:30 pm). The Gospel Class is an excellent alternative if you are not eligible or ready to participate in the School of Discipleship.

  • Foundations 101 is for anyone who meets the eligibility requirements. (SEE “WHO” above)

    Foundations is a fast-paced deep dive into the beliefs and behaviors taught in scripture that help us have a firm foundation in the kingdom of God. If you have 4-6 hours a week to give to the application of the Word, then this class is for you!


    Below is some basic information that you need to consider before enrolling in Foundations 101:

    ● You are required to make 4 out of the 5 classes. We are willing to work with you if your job schedule causes you to miss more classes than what is allowed (2 classes maximum allowed for work-related causes).


    ● You must participate, not just show up. You must earn 1300 points (Once enrolled, the syllabus you receive explains the details) to complete Foundations. Please be aware that this course will require reading, watching, writing, typing, testing, and taking notes.


    ● You need to be active with an email account since most of our correspondence is through email. You will also need access to the Facebook app and YouTube.